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Awaken all your five senses as you step into
Trick Eye's world of 4D.
Be entertained by the mystical encounter, feel your adrenaline rush, overcome your fears,
feel love in the air, escape into fantasy and experience the trick world!
Discover hidden secrets of the four-dimensional space. Touch and feel the surroundings! Experience the magic of Media Art, Ames Room and Dining Table.
Release the enthusiasm and inner child in you. Taste thrilling sensations!
Be an adventurer at Trick Eye Museum!
Befriend the friendly ghosts and overcome your fears. Become the main lead of paranormal activities and you will learn it is not that scary afterall.
Love is in the air! Swim like a mermaid, dance on the ice like Elsa and fly on a magic carpet like Aladdin.
Fantasy is no longer a dream. See magical realms of fantasy come alive right before your eyes. It is a dream come true where every setting is picture-perfect!
The most well-loved Trick Eye exhibits gathered in one zone.
Experience the impossibilities of reality only in Trick World.