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In the heart of the famous Hongade area you will find a unique museum that will surely tease your five senses
Trick Eye transforms global cultural content and sculptures into smart and modern optical illusion art.
Make unforgettable memories with your friends, family and loved ones!
The place where all the imaginations comes to reality! We welcome you to this mind-blowing underwater world with all the fantasies you've imagined.
Somewhat strange and some what mysterious! You can experience this creepy scenes only here at Trickeye Museum.
An outdoor pool right inside the museum!
Make a face, add a silly pose and have fun creating tricky photos.
Frightful Horror Nights are now in Trickeye Museum! Do not be scared, just enjoy!
Enjoy the most realistic adventures with Trickeye! Don't forget to install Trickeye app for all the marvelous effects~