World renowned 3D Museum now in Phuket!
Trick Eye Museum brings you closer to art through the use of optical illusions.
Immerse yourself in different settings at 5 themed zones and recreate into memorable
photographs with your imagination
Trick Eye Museum, the optical illusion 3D art museum, is the hottest attraction in Phuket. Trick Eye Museum is the world’s first AR (augmented reality) museum, which applies augmented reality technology on its exhibits to produce vibrant and exciting photos and videos. Visitors can meet a fire-breathing sea dragon while standing over a log bridge, swim with whale sharks while trapped in a large tank, and even meet polar bears while sitting on ice cliffs.
At Trick Eye Museum
You will never find signs such as “do not touch” in the museum. Visitors can freely touch and interact with all the displayed exhibits.
Visitors "become one" with artworks only at Trick Eye Museum
You can nurture your creativity and be a director, actor or photographer!
It's a magical 3D world which appear even more surreal in your camera and mobile screen! Watch the trick of optical illusions unfold before your eyes!