Awaken all your five senses as you step into Trick Eye's world of 4D.
Be entertained by the mystical encounter, feel your adrenaline rush, overcome your fears, feel love in the air, escape into fantasy and experience the trick world!
The underwater world where waves hit and sea dragon shoot fire! Experience the amazing and mysterious sea world in Aqua zone!
Be the main character of a famous artwork by touching famous artist’s artwork and taking pictures!
Let's go to the snow-covered ice kingdom for a cool winter where you can take pictures with the polar bear and can be a snowman.
Hallowen zone, full of mysterious and interesting atmosphere! Invite you to the exciting Halloween festival.
A dynamic encounter with alive animals that are about to pop out! Experience the weirdness of the jungle.
The most well-loved Trick Eye exhibits gathered in one zone.
Experience the impossibilities of reality only in Trick World.