Awaken all your five senses as you step into
Trickeye's world of 4D.
Be entertained by the mystical encounter, feel your adrenaline rush, overcome your fears, feel the love in the air, and experience the trick world!
Experience meeting imaginary dinosaurs on a broad plain!
Meet the scary situation in the jungle, Jurassic Zone.
From a glittering neon sign with a night view between the buildings to the old history of Korea!
Meet everything about Korea.
Enjoy the exciting Chinese culture with the Lion mask dance and fireworks by riding cloud.
A dynamic encounter with alive animals that are about to pop out!
Experience the weirdness of the jungle.
Meet the Malaysian landmark PETRONAS Twin Towers and King Kong!
Leave unforgettable memory at the Trickeye museum!
Full of donuts and cakes that want to take a bite!
Be the main character in the world of sweet desserts.
Make your wish come true~
Let’s make a wish under the big full moon.
See the full of blizzards and auroras in the sky!
Feel the charm of winter with dancing on the ice and riding a dog sled.
Check the fantastic underwater world at Aqua zone!
Try to swim like a mermaid and experience the mysterious world of the sea.