World renowned AR Trickeye & HEADROCK VR Museum in Las Vegas!
AR Trickeye
AR Trickeye brings you closer to art through the use of optical illusions.
Immerse yourself in different settings at 4 themed zones and recreate into memorable photographs with your imagination
'Trickeye' comes from 'Trick of the eye' and refers to a traditional art technique Trompe-l'oeil which turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. Paintings on the walls, ceilings and ground bring you into the setting of a scene and you become part of the artwork! All visitors are encouraged to step inside the paintings and installations to recreate memorable photos of their own with their creativity and imagination. This is where the fun begins!

Have you ever imagined yourself rafting across extremely strong currents, firing at enemies while precariously balancing off the edge of a high-rise building and bracing yourself against a stormy blizzard that threatens to blow you away, in the city that is Las Vegas?
Xtreme Virtual Reality (VR) promises to bring out the adventurer in you with an unforgettable, larger-than-life experience.
With different themes and 6 Xtreme attractions to choose from, a thrilling adventure awaits!