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Run, lie down and enjoy! Watch paintings and walls come to life in Jeju Trickeye Museum!
Six different stories are waiting to be explored. Digital artworks as well as sculptures will help you immerse yourself into the real yet surreal world of optical illusions.
Here you can learn about introduction of Trickeye museum and history of Trompe-l’oeil
Forget about museums where the only thing you can do is look at exhibits! Here you can become the main character of various masterpiece paintings!
Take pictures with various animals and let the illusion immerse yourself in an amazing safari adventure!
Inspired by the art-works of Spanish art master Salvador Dali, this gallery presents huge 360 degree panorama optical illusion artworks featuring Jeju sea and chessboard
From scenes of blooming love to more casual scenes here in Love Zone you have an opportunity to make plenty of sweet and romantic photos
This is the first gallery in Jeju featuring Lumi art exhibits that change their content with change of light. Watch familiar stories of Alice in Wonderland, Adventures of Sinbad and many others interacting with light and unfolding before your eyes into breathtaking fluorescent paintings.