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TitleHappy 1st Birthday!!生日送大禮! [TRICKEYE W1N W1N]

★Trick Eye Event★

Happy 1st Birthday!!生日送大禮! [TRICKEYE W1N W1N]

Trick Eye成立一週年! 為答謝大家對Trick Eye的支持,將會有個特別活動送出多份豐富獎品!快點叫朋友上來一齊同我們慶祝生日同新一年啦!

活動日期: 2016年1月1日-31日

1. 在香港特麗愛3D美術館內找出“1號”的貼紙
2. 到售票處出示該貼紙便可取出一個幸運球
3. 獲取以下一份豐富獎品成為幸運兒!

香港來回釜山機票、澳門JW萬豪酒店行政套房一晚住宿、幻彩詠香江自助晚餐餐劵、Wishh!化妝品禮劵、港島香格里拉大酒店禮劵、Blesscuit曲奇禮餅劵、香港迪士尼樂園門票、萬寧禮劵、星巴克卡、山頂纜車+凌霄閣摩天台428 門票、鬆弛熊行李箱、紅酒、現金獎。


It’s Trick Eye Museum’s 1st Year Anniversary in Hong Kong!
As a way of giving thanks to the tremendous support we have received over the past year, we will be holding a special event and give out valuable prizes to you all! Come and join our 1st year anniversary event and celebrate the new year!

Event Period: 1st – 31st Jan 2016

How to participate: 
1. Find the sticker with “No.1″ inside Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong
2. Bring it to our staff at Ticket Box and pick a lucky ball
3. Be the lucky winner!

Prize: Air Ticket to Korea, JW Marriott Macau Executive Suite Room Voucher, Harbour Cruise Dinner Voucher, Wishh! Cosmetics Gift Voucher, Island Shangri-la Gift Voucher, 
Blesscuit Gift Voucher, Disneyland Tickets, Mannings Gift Voucher, Starbucks Gift Card, 
Peak Tram+Sky Terrace 428 Tickets, Rilakkuma Luggage Case, Bottle of Wine and Cash

*In case of any disputes, Trickeye Museum Global Co. Ltd. reserves the right of final decisions, including suspend, alter, or terminate the activity and the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Event Visual


1. 此活動只限活動期間內到訪香港特麗愛3D美術館的人士參加。
2. 所有參加者需上載至少一張於香港特麗愛3D美術館所拍的照片到個人社交平台(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter或微博),並包含以下標註: #TrickEyeHappyBirthday #TRICKEYE1111。
3. 所有得獎者需於到貼紙的作品拍照並上載至個人社交平台(Facbook, Instagram, Twitter或微博),並包含以下標註: #TrickEyeHappyBirthday #TRICKEYE1111。
4. 活動將一共有20名得獎者,獎品會根據得獎者所取的幸運球而送出。得獎者需於找到貼紙的即日領取獎品。
5. 所有參加者需遵守活動規則及遵照在指工作人員的指示。
6. 特麗愛美術館環球有限公司對參加者的參加及領獎資格持有最終決定權。如有人違返活動規則或對他人造成滋擾,本公司保留一切權利將有權取消其參加者資格及領獎資格而不作任何補償。
7. 所有得獎者只會有一次機會拿取幸運球。
8. 得獎者於領獎時需提供身份證明文件並簽收。
9. 領獎時將安排得獎者拿著獎品板拍照,有關照片將會於整個活動期間內被被張貼於置於香港特麗愛3D美術館正門的得獎板,並作其他宣傳推廣用途。
10. 所有獎品不可轉售及退換,不可兌換現金或其他產品。獎品的價值或供應情況或有變,特麗愛美術館環球有限公司將有權更改獎品而不作另行通知。
11. 有關獎品之使用或須受個別贊助商所訂定之所有條款及條件規限,特麗愛美術館環球有限公司無須就獎品的任何問題負上任何責任。詳情請向有關贊助商查詢。
12. 得獎者將被視為已授權特麗愛美術館環球有限公司使用其姓名及載有其相貌的相片作公關或推廣用途而不需作任何補償。

*Terms and Conditions:

1. This event is only open to all Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong valid ticket holders who visit the museum during the event period.
2. All visitors must upload at least one photo taken at Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong on their personal social media platform (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Weibo.) and include the following hashtags: #TrickEyeHappyBirthday #TRICKEYE1111.
3. All winners are required to take a photo with the art piece where the stickers were found and upload it onto personal social media platforms with hashtags: #TrickEyeHappyBirthday #TRICKEYE1111.
4. There will only be 20 winners and prizes are given according to the lucky balls picked by the winners themselves. Winners need to get the prizes on the same day the No. 1 sticker is found.
5. All participants must abide to game rules and staff instructions at all times.
6. Trickeye Global Co. Ltd reserves the right to disqualify and remove any person who does not meet rules and regulations of the event or causing disturbance to other visitors, without compensation.
7. All winners are only allowed to pick the ball for one time only.
8. Winners must present proof of identity upon the prize collection and sing on the prize collection form.
9. The winners will be required to participate in a photo taking session with the sponsorship panels during the issuing of prizes. Photos taken will be displayed on the Winner’s Board at the entrance during the whole event period and used for Trick Eye Museum’s marketing purposes via social media platforms or other marketing collateral.
10. Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or other items and may be subject to availability. Value of the prizes may vary; Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong reserves the right to replace any prizes with items of similar value without prior notice.
11. The use of some prizes is subject to the terms and conditions imposed thereon by the relevant sponsor companies, Trickeye Global Co. Ltd shall not be liable in any way whatsoever in relation to any matters arising from including but not limited to the quality of the products. For more details, please ask the relevant sponsor companies.
12. Acceptance of any prize shall constitute consent on the winner’s part to allow the use of the winner’s name and image by Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong for editorial, advertising, promotional, marketing and/or other purposes without further compensation.

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