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  • 6 enjoyable themes in “No Taboo” museum
    Here you can meet world famous painters and their paintings from the world most famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci to...
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    “Your imagination becomes a reality!” Have you ever dreamed of being surrounded by hundreds of cameras...
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  • Water world
    We imagined ‘Under the sea’ at least once in our childhood time, this become a reality and spreads out before visitor’s sight! You can...
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  • Best of Trickeye zone
    Trick Eye conducted an on/off line survey to select the best artworks that visitors love the most. It is great mistake, if you think about...
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  • Synchronised Swimming
    This zone is composed of water activities like synchronised swimming or diving. You can raise both of your arms and make a muscle man’s pose...
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  • Carnival Street
    Carnival Street, one of the core aspects of the renewal, has brought Carnival festival and games into the town. The world famous masterpiece...
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