• Welcome to the Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong. Trick Eye Museum features paintings on plain surfaces that magically appear to be three-dimensional through the use of optical illusion. The museum has around 50 optical illusion paintings and installations over five different themed zones: World of Masterpieces, Hong Kong Discovery, Secret Garden, Great Adventure and Neverland. Come and see how art come alive and experience for yourself the mind-blowing tricky paintings and sculptures. Trick Eye Museum awaits you at the peak of Hong Kong.
  • Secret Garden
    Need a break from work, study and busy life? Plenty of blues and greens will definitely free your soul and mind. Plus ultimate fun and long...
  • World of Masterpieces
    Step into the world famous paintings and create your own interactive stories by engaging with classic characters within each piece.
  • Great Adventure
    Time to awaken the adventurer’s spirit within you! Take heaps of photos to capture the adrenaline rush moments and share your experiences with your friends and family.
  • Neverland
    Have you even heard of the Emperor's New Clothes which is only visible to "the wise"? Come to the Trick Eye Museum and see for yourself how...
  • Hong Kong Discovery
    All of Hong Kong in one place! Don’t miss out a chance to get the closest picture of the Big Buddha and enjoy Hong Kong’s dazzling nightscape on a romantic paper boat.