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Title★[延長] AR短片拍攝比賽 [Extended] AR Video Contest★

好消息!徇眾要求,加上正值暑假,AR短片比賽將延長舉行!截止日期為2017年8月15日! 趁放暑假,快啲上黎拍片贏取高達$3,000現金獎啦!!
Good News! As Summer Holiday has come, we decided to extend our AR Video Contest to 15 Aug! Take the latest AR video in Trick Eye and get a chance to win up to $3,000 cash prize!!

截止日期: 2017年8月15日 (23:59)
Deadline: 15 August, 2017 (23:59)

1. 上載一段於香港特麗愛3D美術館內用TRICKEYE HONG KONG APP拍的短片到社交平台,將分享設定為公開: Youtube/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/微博
2. 於帖文標註Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong和加上以下兩個hashtags: 
#trickeyehk #temARfun
3. 把短片檔案(mp4格式)和聯絡方法發電郵至marketing@trickeye.hk

頭獎 (1名): 現金獎港幣3,000元正
二獎 (1名): 現金獎港幣2,000元正
三獎 (1名): 現金獎港幣1,000元正

1. 影片必須用TRICKEYE HONG KONG手機應用程式內的攝錄功能拍攝,並以AR作品為主題,應用程式可於以下連結下載:
Google Play: https://goo.gl/HVO3mA 
App Store: https://appsto.re/kr/LA-gkb.i
2. 可把多段影片剪輯合併成一段,並可加上各種特效或圖片,惟不可帶侵權成份
3. 影片必須上載至社交平台及截止時間前以電郵提交方能符合資格,電郵主題為”AR VIDEO CONTEST”

50% – 影片於社交平台上受歡迎程度 (比賽期間所得到的讚好和分享次數etc)
50% – 影片創意和趣味性

How to participate:
1. Upload a video taken in Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong using TRICKEYE HONG KONG App to social media channels and set the sharing setting as public: Youtube/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Weibo 
2. Mention Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong with 2 hashtags: #trickeyehk #temARfun
3. Send the original video file (mp4 format) and contact details to marketing@trickeye.hk 

1st Prize (1 Winner): HK$3,000 Cash 
2nd Prize (1 Winner): HK$2,000 Cash 
3rd Prize (1 Winner): HK$1,000 Cash
* All participants can get two Trick Eye Passport and enjoy free admission to other Trick Eye branches!

1. Video must be taken by the TRICKEYE HONG KONG App using the video recording feature inside with the theme of our AR artworks, mobile APP can be downloaded from the below:
Google Play: https://goo.gl/HVO3mA 
App Store: https://appsto.re/kr/LA-gkb.i
2. Multiple videos can be edited and combined into one with added photos or special effects only if the materials do not violate copyright laws
3. To participate in the Contest, the video needs to be uploaded onto social media channels AND submitted to our e-mail with subject “AR VIDEO CONTEST” before the deadline 

To Win: 
-The most creative videos will win and get the cash prize!
-Video Evaluation Criteria: 
50% – Popularity of the video on social media channels during the Contest period (No. of likes and shares etc.)
50% – Creativity of the video 
-Results will be announced on Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong website on 18 August 2017

Extended_AR Video Contest Prize Poster_20170717


1. 每位參賽者可以提交多段影片參賽,唯每位參賽者最多只可獲獎一次。
2. 參賽作品須為原創作品,如發現有抄襲成分或違反版權條例,將被取消參賽資格。
3. 所有參賽作品會經特麗愛3D美術館審核,不合規格、內容不符者將當作取消資格論,恕不另行通知。
4. 參加者一經提交參加作品均不得作出任何更改。
5. 參賽作品如牴觸任何法律或規例,參賽者需自行承擔所有責任,主辦單位概不負責,並保留向違規者追討蒙受損失的權利。
6. 得獎者必須提交真實個人資料,否則將被取消得獎資格。
7. 參賽者須同意香港特麗愛3D美術館保留將所有參賽作品應用於任何宣傳、展覽及印刷用途的權利,包括平面或電子推廣,毋須事先徵得參賽者同意及支付任何版權費用。
8. 比賽結果由香港特麗愛美術館所挑選,截止時間為香港時間晚上11時59分正(以遞交圖片作品時間作準),時間以香港特麗愛3D美術館的電腦記錄作準,參加者不得異議。
9. 如發現參加者以外掛程式、蓄意以不正當的手法、空號、假帳戶或買票做假參與本活動,香港特麗愛3D美術館有權取消其參加及得獎資格,而不作任何 通知。
10. 得獎者於得獎名單公佈後,會收到電郵通知領獎詳情。如獲通知得獎一星期內,未獲得獎者回覆,本公司有權取消其得獎資格。
11. 領獎時將安排得獎者拍照,有關照片將用作日後宣傳推廣用途。
12. 所有獎品不可轉售及退換,獎品的價值或供應情況或有變,特麗愛美術館環球有限公司將有權更改獎品而不作另行通知。
13. 香港特麗愛3D美術館保留一切更改是次活動規則、條款及細則的權利。如有任何爭議,香港特麗愛3D美術館保留最終決定權。

*Terms and Conditions:
1. All Participants are allowed to submit multiple videos for the Contest but among those photos only ONE enry can win.
2. Participants must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of all videos uploaded, otherwise you will be disqualified.
3. All videos will be assessed by Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong. Participants will be disqualified without prior notice for the Contest if any irrelevant or inappropriate videos are found.
4. Participants are not able to make any amendments once the videos have been submitted for the Contest.
5. Participants will have full responsibility for posting videos on the Internet. If an Entry submitted by you infringes or violates any third party’s rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, and/or any legislation, law or regulation, Trickeye Museum Hong Kong shall not be responsible for any consequences, and we retain the right to recover damages or other compensation from participants’ who have violated the rules.
6. All information provided by the Participants and the Winners in the Contest must be true and accurate. If a Participant or Winner does not truthfully provide all requested information, such Participant or Winner shall not be eligible to take part in any way in the Contest or win any Gift or Prize.
7. By submitting an Entry in the Contest, all participants have given an irrevocable perpetual license to Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong to use the submitted Entry for any purposes, including but not limited to publish, print, exhibit, display, promote, issue or any other purposes as Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong considers appropriate, without prior notice or consent nor indemnity to you.
8. The result is based on the assessment by Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong. Submission deadline is at Hong Kong time 23:59. All Entry submission is based on the time of receipt at the Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong’s server. Participants cannot object to or seek remedy against Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong.
9. Trickeye Museum Hong Kong reserves the right at any time, without prior notice to disqualify the participants in the Contest if any illegal or dishonest manner is found.
10. All winners will receive a winner notification e-mail for prize redemption arrangement. In the event that the winner fails to redeem the prize or Trick Eye is unable to contact the winner within 1 week after the prize redemption e-mail  has been sent, the winner shall be deemed to waive the rights to receive the prizes.
11. Photos will be taken when the winners receiving the Prize and the photos will be used for promotional use in the future.
12. Prizes are non-transferable and may be subject to availability. Value of the prizes may vary. Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong reserves the right to replace any prizes with items of similar value without prior notice.
13. Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision on all matters related to this Contest including changing of the Rules, the result of the contest, Terms & Conditions and such decision is conclusive.

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